General (Vol. 3)


  1. I bow as at the end of life,
    Receiving justice from Your hand;
    No other who can read my heart,
    No other who will understand.
  2. I am content with nothing less,
    No man nor office of the court;
    None who will know what I have done,
    None who will know what you have sought.
  3. If Caesar should take all I have,
    Including all my liberty,
    It shall not count a thousandth part
    Compared with what You give to me.
  4. You would not idly set a task
    Nor stint the bounty of Your Grace
    That I might give all that You ask
    And earn Your fatherly embrace.
  5. And if I claim this place for me
    How could I then usurp Your place
    By judging others on the grounds
    Of what I see on the surface?
  6. Your justice floats on mercy's stream,
    Enlivened by our Saviour's blood;
    I bow before Your judgment seat,
    In penitence assured of good.