General (Vol. 3)

Year End

(for Christ the King)

  1. The royal trumpets fade,
    The purple banners furled and stowed,
    The glorious parade
    Has marched into its grand abode;
    The hooves of stallions ring
    As the last courtiers disappear,
    The triumph of the King
    Crowns once again the Church's year.
  2. Now we no longer wait
    To wait for our returning child,
    We mark the gentle date,
    Our generosity compiled;
    We hang the Advent wreath
    In penitence to Our Dear Lord,
    Confirming our belief
    In hope of innocence restored.
  3. We hear the prophets' call
    For the Messiah to appear
    And watch the Empires fall
    As Daniel makes the meaning clear;
    Our heritage is hauled
    From darkened corners of the brain
    As we are newly called
    To wait for Jesus once again.