General (Vol. 3)

I Want to Walk With You

  1. Wherever You may walk
    I want to walk with You,
    To be Your servant,
    Cheerful, proud and true;
    But I have fallen
    Often on the way,
    Forgetting much
    Of what You have to say.
  2. And when You gently help me
    To stand up again
    And sooth the pangs
    Of self inflicted pain
    I wonder who
    Is servant, who is Lord
    For all the loving service You accord.
  3. There is no sweeter, stranger
    Love than Yours for me,
    Sprung out of strength and not dependency:
    Expecting nothing,
    Gratified by me
    In broken deeds and cold humility.
  4. Then, wipe my tearful eyes,
    Put back my broken staff,
    Show me the way
    To praise You and to laugh:
    Show me the means
    To serve within my power,
    And walk with You
    Until my final hour.