General (Vol. 3)

Stretch Out

  1. Stretch out Your hand across the troubled sea
    And calm the tempest raging in our hearts;
    Call out to reassure us in these parts
    As if we followed You in Galilee.
  2. Send baskets round of loaves and fish to feed
    We who are starved of honest, wholesome food;
    Teach us to concentrate on what is good,
    Curbing our cravings, fit through what we need.
  3. Cast out the spirits making us unclean
    Where we discern their presence everywhere
    But in ourselves, content to leave them there
    To goad us into what we know is mean.
  4. Yet have we all: The Holy Spirit's fire;
    The church and Sacrament; our Risen Lord.
    What more need we, in full accord
    To worship and witness, suffer and inspire?