General (Vol. 3)

Poor But Rich

  1. How rich I am that You were poor for me,
    How full of Grace earned through Your emptiness
    In taking manhood by a mystery
    Which put You in the reach of our address: How can I fail with such supreme support,
    When You prevail with what Your passion bought.
  2. How poor I am to serve so great a king,
    How insecure in honouring Your death,
    My speech and steps no more than faltering,
    Outside the church almost beneath my breath:
    But in Your life and death You knew how poor
    Were souls of those You came down to secure.
  3. How rich we are each in our poverty,
    How poor are those who have not seen its best;
    We each can give the other what we are,
    And in our giving we are richly blessed:
    Because You fell I recognised Your call;
    Because You rose I know I cannot fall.