General (Vol. 3)

Success and Failure

  1. Lord how I love You when I fail,
    When times are hard, when I am deep in need;
    But may I love You just as well
    when You help me to prosper and succeed.
  2. Pain and regret are deep and real,
    The pangs of loss and sorrow strangely sweet:
    These we accept for, rightly feel,
    That we may lay them gently at Your feet.
  3. But praise is hard when luck rides high;
    When pride runs in us with ephemeral bliss:
    We point our camel at the needle's eye
    And only think of praying when we miss.
  4. Offering worship every day,
    May we in weakness praise and pray when strong,
    Joyful upon the Pilgrim way,
    Praising Your Name even when things go wrong.