General (Vol. 3)

Source of Sacred Light

  1. O Holy Spirit, source of sacred light,
    Your radiance conquers gloom and hopelessness,
    Your Grace and splendour cutting through the night
    To reach poor souls which languish in distress;
    Your warmth and comfort sooth my aching heart
    Yet it is I who forces us apart:
    I come in penitence to plead my cause,
    To seek Your peace and all which that ensures.
  2. O source of wisdom past all human art,
    The core of calm, the vacuum of desire,
    Refresh our souls with all that you impart,
    Leading us on to Your celestial fire;
    I feel Your presence in my emptiness
    But shun You in my straining to impress:
    When I return in humble reverence,
    Uplift my soul to reach Your eminence.