General (Vol. 3)

The Trinity In History

  1. Our Father cast in words of stone
    Seemed harsh, unbending and alone
    And yet He set His people free
    In Covenanted liberty:
    The promise of The Holy One
    Was made incarnate in The Son.
  2. Our Saviour who came down to earth,
    Choosing an obscure, lowly birth,
    Achieved His triumph out of loss,
    The victor of the savage Cross:
    Like ours, His love was freedom's flower
    But His was proof against the hour.
  3. Jesus in Heaven, the Spirit came
    To comfort, counsel and proclaim,
    Alive in us there to assist
    The Sacrament of Eucharist:
    The Trinity of Baptism
    Seen through a sacrificial prism.
  4. Thus what The Father promised man
    Was fulfilled in His Only Son
    And as a guarantor through time,
    The Spirit makes in us His Home:
    All three in one, The Trinity,
    Thus manifest in history.