General (Vol. 3)

Home and Away

  1. How easy, Lord, it is to prize
    Familiar sites filled with familiar prayer,
    And to regret when this applies
    To ever fewer people every year:
    Stir up Thy Church that this familiarity
    Strengthens our love for those who know not Thee.
  2. Though comfort is a blessed gift
    Which Church and churchyard nourish and increase,
    And ancient, well loved rituals uplift,
    Bringing a generous sense of inner peace:
    Let us gain strength within Thy well loved fold
    To venture out in witness, calm but bold.
  3. And though we may seem few at last,
    And fewer yet with every turning year,
    May we be measured by our haste
    To bring new pilgrims to Thy altar dear:
    This is Thy Church and only Thou knows best
    How well we stand, how faithful and how blessed.