General (Vol. 3)

On Hearing Rowan Cantuar's Installation Address

i. Except

  1. Wretched am I, except my face
    Reflects the love of God in me
    And blessed with His society
    There is no better time nor place.
  2. Broken am I, except my heart
    Which beats with blood my Saviour gave,
    Exultant that His love will save
    If I resist the devil's art.
  3. Weary am I, except my soul
    Which apprehends celestial fire;
    Lost in the fog of man's desire
    The Spirit yet will make me whole.
  4. Lonely am I, except these Three
    In One are always at my side
    To love, encourage and provide
    Me with their perfect company.

ii. Perfect Liberty

  1. Sweet Jesus to my rescue came
    When I was lost in pride and wealth:
    Polluting fogs of woe and want
    Kept me imprisoned in myself.
  2. My eyes were raised up to the Cross,
    Whose selfless message was so clear
    That no amount of pain and loss
    Could match the way He holds me dear.
  3. My soul was lifted up in love
    To give and suffer for His sake,
    To strengthen, teach but not reprove,
    Those yet to take the road I take.
  4. By means of God's abiding Grace
    All who believe will be set free
    To love in selfless holiness
    Which is the perfect liberty.

iii. Unconditional

  1. I love the ways of loving You
    So often subject to neglect,
    The rituals and Articles
    That I now willingly accept.
  2. But I would gladly overthrow
    All that gives comfort and content
    If that would further love for You
    From those who suffer discontent.
  3. Love is the treasure at the core
    And everything must grow from there,
    The exegesis and the law
    Are hollow if it is not there.
  4. That love may call for sacrifice
    Of much that is designed to smooth;
    But that may be the only price
    To pay in tribute to that love.
  5. I only know, deep in my heart,
    That love is unconditional,
    And must deny all that we have,
    No matter how traditional.

iv. Earthly Advent

  1. Creator of our world,
    The earth, the sea and sky,
    Of flaming stars and tiny quarks that rob the naked eye:
    Creator of the instruments through which these things are known,
    The means of love through which we give You back what is Your own.
  2. Redeemer of the world
    Through whom we truly live,
    The servant king who gave Himself that we might learn to give:
    Whose final sacrifice exceeds all we possess
    And yet He values what we give as friends of righteousness.
  3. Indweller in our world,
    The Paraclete of Grace,
    Familiar of every suffering or broken place:
    The healer of our hearts, love's core and arbiter,
    Companion of our darkest night and guardian of prayer.
  4. The Blessed Trinity
    Whose world by its decree
    We here enjoy and are enjoined to live in peacefully:
    The source of our great joy in earthly Advent blessed
    Until in faith we fully meet in our eternal rest.