General (Vol. 3)

Living and Speaking

  1. I cannot live
    But yet cannot express
    The meaning of this love and helplessness:
    These forces are so far beyond my grasp,
    They are too wild and wondrous that they fly
    Or flimsy lie within a broken clasp.
  2. Yet I will strive
    to witness Your intent
    In simple words which only represent:
    How else shall Your love thrive in worldly guise
    Unless we risk the word that reaches out,
    Not frightened to be thought and called unwise.
  3. You are the love
    From which all love is wrought;
    You are the Grace with which our souls are bought:
    Your pearls of judgment set in mercy's seal
    Shine but enshrine the secrets of our heart
    And yet impart by what they must conceal.
  4. You are our Hope
    As long as Faith Survives;
    Our service springs from life Your service gives:
    Faith, hope and love each nourished by Your Grace
    By love which knows no limit in its pain
    To touch our hearts and make redemption plain.