General (Vol. 3)


  1. God before time, the Word of all creation
    Which found its being in an infant's call
    Was not content with such an incarnation,
    But cried aloud in death to save us all:
    The Word within and outside time inhere
    In God made man, a mystery yet clear.
  2. Light of the World before the first sun rose
    And shining after every star is dark,
    From such grand strategy to such as us
    All is inflamed with Your most Gracious spark:
    You light the way with Grace which leads to Grace
    And, losing all, repentance will replace.
  3. The Word Made Flesh for man and in man given,
    Who dwelt with us that we might dwell through Him
    And by the Spirit with our God in Heaven,
    Joins Three In One: The Flesh, the Word, The Flame:
    This symbiosis of the strong and weak
    Makes God in man and man in God unique.