General (Vol. 3)

Praise to the Trinity

  1. Great Lord Divine
    Who lived among weak men
    We call on You
    To live with us again:
    Not in the manger nor on Calvary
    But in the face of everyone we see.
  2. Ruler of all,
    Our father set on high
    Make us again
    in Your great mystery:
    Not in the Garden nor yet in The Fall
    But knowing You as maker of us all.
  3. Abiding Spirit
    Fount of all our Grace,
    Come down again
    And take Your rightful place:
    Not in the Pentecost's delivering art
    But in the vacuum of my aching heart.
  4. O Trinity
    Complete in timelessness,
    Each with its part
    To judge, inspire and bless:
    May each in all not quibble on the page
    But be our future in our heritage.