General (Vol. 3)

The Turbulent Day

  1. We bring to You the turbulent day
    In hopeful prayer for inner needs;
    And lay before You all we have done
    For You alone can judge our deeds:
    Another day of service to
    Proclaim Your love and ours for You.
  2. We go to rest in transforming peace
    Because we know You are our guard
    Within whose refuge we may retire
    When souls grow numb and times are hard:
    We come to You as weary sheep
    Within whose fold we safely sleep.
  3. And with the courage You have inspired
    We shall emerge to praise Your name,
    Led onward by the Spirit's command,
    Our souls on fire, our hearts aflame,
    To follow where Your Son has led
    Finding Him in tomorrow's wine and bread.