General (Vol. 3)

Holy Family

  1. How we have cut you out in glass,
    The Holy Family set on high;
    A self inflicted mystery
    We cannot see it as we pass
    For, seen from outside, it is dim
    So we must see it filled with light,
    Set against sun but not too bright,
    Viewed as true living from within.
  2. Our sentimental colouring
    Creates a tragic chasm whereby
    The troubles in our family
    Are set apart from worshipping:
    Torn love and fractured loyalty,
    Rejection, passion compromised,
    Are firmly compartmentalised,
    Far from your cottage royalty.
  3. Teach us to learn the pain in you
    That you might share the pain that we
    Reserve for a miscellany
    Of therapies, not what is true:
    And may the Church's family learn
    The tolerance that families need
    To mentor, pacify and feed
    And share such graces in return.