General (Vol. 3)


Part i.

  1. Keep me near Your living spring,
    Keep me in Your loving fold;
    Calm me with Your cherishing,
    Proof against all guile and gold:
    I have stumbled on the way,
    I have often lost the fight;
    faced the long and weary day
    And the dangers of the night.
  2. Feed me with Your very bread,
    Warm my spirit with Your wine;
    Fill me with Your saving word,
    Teach me how to make it mine:
    I have heard You cry for peace,
    I have seen You on the Cross;
    I have felt the stone's release
    Making triumph out of loss.
  3. I will give You all the love
    That Your creature can supply,
    First received from You above,
    That no lover could deny:
    I am growing in desire
    Living here on earth a while;
    I am filled with gentle fire,
    I half smile with heaven's smile.

Part ii.

  1. Once I felt so far away,
    Now it feels like the last mile;
    All my better parts in play,
    Born of substance not of style:
    It's been a long time coming back to You,
    I thought I must be true to myself
    But that means being true to You.
  2. I have drunk of distant streams
    I have seen the wildest sights;
    I have muddled days and dreams,
    Thought that I would fade from sight:
    But Your clarity is so intense
    I am tempted to compete,
    But the clue is reverence.
  3. Let me undot the I in me,
    Carry the cross in silent prayer;
    Then may I cross the T in Thee
    Proclaim Your presence everywhere:
    It is not earth that has made You,
    You are the meaning of the earth:
    And I put all my trust in You.

Part iii.

  1. It's not the wrench of last goodbye
    Nor the harsh scream of broken love;
    It's not a wild denunciation
    Of the power that reigns above:
    Lord, sometimes I just slip away;
    help me to get closer to you today.
  2. It's not a night of anguished dreams,
    Nor a day helplessly bleak;
    Nor the silt of disillusion
    Making resolution weak:
    Lord, sometimes I fade from fire to grey;
    Help me to burn more brightly today.
  3. It's Not a plutocratic orgy
    Nor a bout of heartless greed;
    But the niggle of anxiety
    To have a bit more than I need:
    Lord, sometimes the world gets in the way;
    Help me to look at Heaven today.
  4. I will read some words You gave us,
    I will say a little prayer;
    I will give more than I'm asked for
    As a witness that You're there:
    Lord, I will do the small things right today;
    And slowly turn the tide that has been pulling me away.

Part iv.

  1. You are my friend but You are My Lord,
    Familiar but to be adored;
    You are a servant but You are my king,
    In giving Yourself You give everything:

         Only with You can I be happy,
         Only with You can I mean so much;
         But the meaning all flows from what You made me,
         The meaning of always being in touch.

  2. I'm sure that You smiled but I see You so sad,
    Even though You must see the good past the bad;
    It's only a small thing I'm going to do,
    Here is a prayer just for You:

         Only with You can I be happy...