General (Vol. 3)

The Sacramental Church

  1. As Jesus, living Sacrament, prepared to leave the earth
    He, who was born in human form, in His own love gave birth;
    With water, bread and wine, and oil as symbols of His Grace,
    He bore His Sacrament, The Church, from His divine embrace.
  2. We are His Church, His Sacrament, the symbols of His Grace
    To cleanse and save through penitence, to love in time and space;
    In Baptism, Eucharist, and all our Sacramental rites
    We in this Sacramental Church, must live in what unites.
  3. It is not ours to exercise the power of Our Lord,
    To wield law and theology as if they were a sword;
    We should be humble in our search and true in our intent;
    That as His Church, we may be whole, a worthy sacrament.