General (Vol. 3)

The Kingdom

Part i.


  1. If all my life is given to Thee
    With all my love combined,
    Then I look for the liberty
    Of being with Thee confined:
    I cannot think that I have done
    Or failed to do Your Word
    Such that I never see the throne
    Of my true, loving Lord.
  2. No music that will ever thrill
    As much as Thy address,
    No earthly fond imaginings
    That humans can express
    But the sublimity of love
    Without a selfish end,
    Unlimited its power to move,
    Encourage and amend.
  3. How great must be that love divine
    Unclouded by our art
    When, though we feel it faintly here,
    It warms the saddest heart:
    The Spirit's comfort augurs bliss
    When I am at Your side,
    Now favoured with Thy greeting kiss
    And bound to be Thy bride.

Part ii.

  1. We in triumph do not triumph:
    Heaven eschews the pomp of earth;
    Bow in tribute as you enter
    To The Cross of all our worth.
  2. We have failed so long and deeply
    How can we succumb to pride?
    All our puny acts of loving
    Cannot bring us to His side.
  3. Yet, without them we are empty,
    We were given that we might give
    Not as payments towards heaven
    But to be Him as we live.
  4. Jesus is the supreme triumph,
    His the glory of the Son
    Of the Father, with the Spirit,
    Radiant Godhead, three in one.

Part iii.

  1. To be with God,
    The end of our beginning,
    Why we were made
    And where we hope to be;
    Not like a prize
    We live our lives for winning;
    Ours are small deeds
    And great God's clemency:
    How would death be
    For sinners one and all
    If He will not
    Revive us when we fall?
  2. Long are the days
    Of doubt and desolation,
    Longer the nights
    When God cannot be found,
    Deep is the hurt
    Of good intentions broken,
    Shameful the pain
    Of self inflicted wounds:
    Yet it is we
    Who cast Our Lord aside;
    Our self destruction
    Emanates from pride.
  3. When it is hardest
    Prayer is strangely potent,
    When most assaulted
    Faith gives strength to live;
    Hope is revived
    In those with humble yearnings,
    Love for itself
    Gives us more than we give:
    God would not promise
    What we cannot keep;
    Both lamb and shepherd
    He will save His sheep.