General (Vol. 3)

The Bridge of Love

  1. Undying love beyond all human meaning,
    Beyond all space, beyond all sense of time,
    Yet woven into Our true sense of being,
    The union of the earthly and sublime:
    What art of man pursues but cannot find,
    And yet his search fulfils his sacred role,
    Forging a bond between God given mind
    And faith to clothe the everlasting soul.
  2. Imperfect love in humble adoration
    Is yet a replica of Jesu's name,
    His is the perfect Holy incarnation,
    Ours is more lowly but His just the same:
    In faith we journey in our mirrored state,
    Reflecting Godhead indirectly shown,
    Our hope the means by which we correlate
    What is revealed and what is still unknown.
  3. Union of love, the bridge of our salvation
    Bringing Our Saviour into every heart,
    Freely bestowed to every time and nation,
    Even to sinners who once stood apart:
    A gleaming span exciting thanks and praise,
    Our certain means to reach the farther shore,
    The inspiration of our earthly days,
    Anticipating life for evermore.