General (Vol. 2)

All Saints

  1. Thy saints in Heaven adore Thee,
    Freed from their earthly lease;
    Their faithfulness rewarded,
    Their struggles crowned with peace:
    Not always perfect servants
    Nor innocent of sin
    But proof of how to finish
    If we will but begin.
  2. Some died as daunting heroes
    Obedient to Thy word
    But others' humble service
    Was barely seen nor heard:
    And there were many wanton,
    Eschewing the sublime
    Who seemed to reach repentance
    Within the 'nick of time'.
  3. Thy saints are set before us
    That we might see how Grace
    Works through our fellow creatures
    To show Thee in their face:
    As Jesus lived among us
    But with Thy Saints now reigns
    May we aspire to heaven
    While time on earth remains.