General (Vol. 2)

Thy Glittering Throne Awaits The Throng

  1. Thy glittering throne awaits the throng
    Of pilgrims loud with praise and song;
    The angels plan for our success
    While saints and martyrs pray and bless
    With Mary as their brightest jewel
    Exultant in Her Son's renewal.
  2. The glorious panoply of Grace
    Has poured down on our pilgrim race;
    When Jesus bowed His head to John
    God hailed the baptism of His Son;
    What Jordan's waters first revealed
    The blood of Jesus bound and sealed
  3. Yet what began in humble state
    Erupted into murderous hate;
    The peasant and the palm-decked prince
    Could preach and prompt but not convince;
    And yet the Cross passed through the gloom
    To open up the Easter tomb.
  4. Our garments marked with that same cross,
    Cleansed with The Lamb's blood shed for us,
    We venerate Thee now on high,
    The shepherd of our victory;
    And testify with one accord,
    The good we do comes from Our Lord.