General (Vol. 2)

Gospel Music

Part i.

  1. They say that God is angry, slow to forgive,
    Quick to condemn the pointless lives that we live;
    He scourged His Chosen People time and again,
    And punished Israel with exile and pain:
    But don't tell me that God is all vengeance and Fall
    Because I have seen Jesus in a stall.
  2. They say that God is only comfort and praise,
    A stream of miracles to cheer and amaze;
    Sing "Alleluia" and everything will be nice,
    No need for hardship, setback and sacrifice:
    But don't tell me that God can be loved without loss
    Because I have seen Jesus on The Cross.
  3. They say that Jesus was a prophet and saint,
    But thoughts of Godhead are outdated and quaint;
    He fought for justice and reform of the law
    To keep the rich in place and raise up the poor:
    But don't tell me that Jesus was just a campaign
    Because I saw Him rise again.

Part ii.

  1. Are you ready
    With the Faith that God provides?
    Are you friendly
    With the martyrs as your guides?
    There is joy ahead when the journey ends
    And you live in heaven with all your friends
    But are you ready
    To suffer hardship and take sides?
  2. Are you ready
    With the hope that Jesus brings?
    Are you worthy
    To confront the King of Kings?
    There will be song and dance to praise His name
    When you can glory in His fame
    But are you ready
    To embrace His suffering?
  3. Are you ready
    To act in the Spirit's Grace,
    Love your enemy
    And see Jesus in his face?
    If you live a life of penitence
    And see God as your sole defence
    You will be ready to receive His warm embrace.

Part iii.

  1. Jesus, I feel Your presence in the dark
    Warming my heart when I am cold and hungry;
    Your loving-kindness is the vital spark
    Kindling hope when I am low and angry:
    Though You love everyone I feel You lean
    Towards the outcast, miserable and mean.
  2. Jesus, I feel your presence in the mire
    Cleansing my soul from doubt and desperation;
    The spark that blazes into gracious fire
    Transforming fear to hope and consolation:
    I know all sinners number in Your host
    But feel You haul on those who sink the most.
  3. Jesus, the fire is lighting up the sky
    Making the most of every little kindness;
    A friendly centre of our charity,
    A beacon that restores the void of blindness:
    Though You shine on the damaged and the whole
    I feel Your concentration on my soul.