General (Vol. 2)

Dona Nobis

  1. For our imagination grant us vision
    To put ourselves in other peoples' place,
    Better to understand humiliation
    From ignorance, sex, poverty and race.
  2. For our recrimination grant us mildness
    To seek the cause not fix on the result,
    To be restrained and see the best in others,
    Be slow to take and never give insult.
  3. For our procrastination grant us vigour
    To heal, restore, correct and contribute,
    To be constructive, volunteer and offer
    To join with neighbours in common pursuit.
  4. But, most of all our needs, grant adoration,
    Facility to link our lives to God,
    To worship, praise and thank our true creator,
    The boundless, unique source of love and good.