General (Vol. 2)

When Jesus Stands Before Me

  1. When Jesus stands before me
    And looks into my soul,
    Instead of taking over
    He prompts my self control:
    Instead of moralising
    He gives me back my space
    Then leaves me with the picture
    Of his rapt but ravaged face.
  2. Where love is born of freedom
    The love of self confines;
    Where advertising glitters
    The love of Jesus shines:
    And there is not much freedom
    In looking at yourself,
    Imprisoned by the mirror
    And the bottles on your shelf.
  3. This covenant looks easy
    And it isn't cruel (n)or hard
    But the love of God and neighbour
    Means down-playing self regard:
    And instead of seeing a circle
    We tend to see a race
    With only one true winner
    And the rest in second place.
  4. Then stand before me Jesus
    To defend my life control
    Through the presence of The Spirit
    As the guardian of my soul:
    In the end I will be worthy
    To be in God at last,
    Safe for any kind of future,
    And forgiven what is past.