General (Vol. 2)

Salute the Dawn

  1. Salute the dawn!
    We will affirm this day,
    Striving to do Your will in every way;
    Strong in the Faith,
    Determined not to flinch,
    To go the extra mile and extra inch:
    The rising sun
    Of the Holy Spirit's Grace
    Ensures our work is well begun.
  2. We will submit
    The will You freely gave
    Freely to give and save what You would save;
    To take a stand
    On Your behalf as king
    And free Your subjects from their suffering:
    The flesh and blood
    Of Holy Eucharist
    Confirms our brotherhood.
  3. We are prepared
    To suffer for Your sake,
    Though filled with fear to take what we must take;
    To pray in pain
    In streets where You are scorned
    In words of selfless love all unadorned:
    The Father's love
    Needs human agency
    To grow and move.