General (Vol. 2)

Water of Life

  1. Water of life that never ceases
    Tumbling to greet each baby that is brought
    And each humble soul resolved to be with Jesus,
    Giving new life to all who seek support:
    Towering storm and craters of ice,
    The baptism in God is everything He is.
  2. Water of life that knows no secrets
    Probing in every hidden place;
    Reaching the parts that thinking never reaches,
    Giving us all a godly mental space:
    Shimmering lake or twinkling star,
    The baptism in God is the only thing we are.
  3. Water of life we carry on our journey,
    Cleansing our souls when we are stained with sin;
    Bringing new hope when we are lost and weary,
    Giving us strength when we want to give in:
    Shattering waves or glittering stream,
    The baptism in God will lead us back to Him