General (Vol. 2)

Five Thousand

  1. They had followed Him beyond their normal course
    Because He had a mighty tale to tell;
    Then there was bread and fish for all in need
    And clear, bright water lifted from the well:
    And the broken pieces from the hungry throng
    Filled the dozen baskets of His chosen band;
    They received a loving message from His lips
    And the gift of life through eating from His hand.
  2. I will follow You beyond the normal course,
    Because You lived the mighty tale You told
    Now present in the bread and wine of life,
    With clear, bright hope of shelter in Your fold:
    And the pieces curing hunger every day,
    Are Sacraments of power and mystery,
    And Your bounty is so wide it overflows,
    And I only need a fragment, just for me.