General (Vol. 2)

Ways of Praying

  1. Lord, when I call upon Your Holy Name
    And formulate the words for my complaint
    Bless me with wisdom better to discern
    With the invaluable power of restraint:
    Teach me to hear myself objectively
    But more, to hear Your silence and Your Words,
    To see myself in You and You in me,
    But most, behaving as this state accords.
  2. May I be last upon my lengthening list,
    Putting those first whom I regard the least,
    Asking and taking in humility,
    Praying in hope not filing a request.
    But more than this, may prayer be soft and silent,
    Reducing movement until I am still,
    But most, may it open a two-way channel
    So that I may receive Your strength and Will.
  3. Strong in Your love I may be safe to wander
    Where weakness calls for tact and discipline;
    Whichever course I take to seek your presence,
    Though steps may falter I will not give in:
    May I seek You in openness and silence,
    Emptying myself of human ways of seeing
    But, when this fails, resort to prayerful structures
    Given by Your Church as pathways to Your Being.