General (Vol. 2)


  1. God who once led Your people from the bondage of the slave
    And sent Your Only Son to lead the lowly and oppressed:
    Whose Law is Love.
    Look now with favour on the victims Jesus loved to save
    That earthly pain might be transformed to everlasting rest.
  2. Not that the promise of Your Grace should pay our earthly debt,
    Nor spare the tyrant from the fines of healing righteousness:
    Whose law is love.
    Hurry our hearts when in our comfort we forget
    Those You entrusted to our care for justice and redress.
  3. Stand out before Your people in the armour of the meek,
    Prosper their liberation through the freedom of Your Grace:
    Whose law is love.
    Summon the Spirit's forces for the downtrodden and weak,
    Fighting beside us In the war to free Your captive race.