General (Vol. 2)

Christ Triumphant Dwells within Us

  1. Christ Triumphant dwells within us,
    Guest of every willing heart,
    Strong above the power of oceans,
    Gentle as the healer's art:
    We are His in life and learning,
    Through the Eucharist and Word,
    In His Church in faith discerning
    That his message will be heard.
  2. We are heirs to all the splendour
    Of Your Saints throughout the years,
    Blood and torture, prayer and praising
    Through the times of joy and tears:
    We, like them, have seen Your glory
    Vowed to stay both strong and true
    But we need their famous story,
    How they saw their mission through.
  3. We are saints within Your meaning,
    Printed with the Cross and tomb
    But until our lives have ended
    We must earn and not presume:
    In our sainthood we are fashioned
    With the love that God imparts,
    Furnished with Our Saviour's Passion
    And the Spirit in our hearts.