General (Vol. 2)

Earthly Glory

  1. Did they who feared but fought through mud
    Want glory from those who survived?
    Would they have brought their children to
    Solemn parades if they had lived?
    And, having died for nothing gained,
    In gas and shell and fire storm
    Would they have seen their infants dressed
    In military uniform?
  2. We who survived love those who died
    And, as they did, we pray for peace;
    They saw the sham of victory,
    the glory die, the logic cease:
    What makes us mock their pointless death
    With children marching into church
    Dressed in the garb of those who kill,
    Who must obey and may not search.
  3. If we must celebrate sad loss
    then, may we kneel in penitence,
    An adult deed for adult sins,
    In worship and not deference:
    And re-confirm the church of love,
    Here to forgive, to heal and bless,
    The servant of the Prince of Peace
    Ambassador of quietness.