General (Vol. 2)

On the Streets

  1. On the streets the pushers flourish,
    Addict prostitutes trudge by;
    Crime entwines its countless victims
    In hopeless dependency:
    They are icons of our failures,
    Lured by power, greed and lust,
    Urging punishment and prison
    Where we failed to nourish trust.
  2. First, we must acknowledge failure,
    Own our weakness and repent;
    Then, in justice, try to put right
    Harm it was ours to prevent:
    Next, the victims we would banish
    We must welcome and embrace,
    Finally, withdraw from judgment
    As defendants in the case.
  3. As You loved the poor among us,
    Jesus, wander in the street;
    Mary, heal your ravaged daughters
    That their souls may be complete:
    Teach us to accept our neighbour
    Is the junkie and the whore,
    Cease connivance, fight indifference,
    Know, obey and love Your law.