General (Vol. 2)

Amor Omnia Vincit

  1. ove is the supreme arbiter of all,
    The heavenly court of last resort,
    Metric of action;
    Fashions in good and evil rise and fall
    But what we do to strengthen and renew
    Overrides faction:
    To love both saint and sinner is the same;
    He is our care, God's is to praise or blame.
  2. Love is our statement of the ultimate,
    Our whole estate incorporate,
    Metric of giving;
    Critique and teaching methods fluctuate,
    We probe and preach beyond our reach
    But love is living:
    We may dispute the truth The Word imparts
    But God discerns the meaning of our hearts.
  3. Love is the underlying liberty,
    The single source of valid force,
    Metric of reason;
    Time changes what we each define as free
    But in the reign of force and pain
    Love will not stoop to treason:
    In solo and collective force love stands
    Above each and the sum of God's commands.