General (Vol. 2)


  1. Your sky is deadly blue above the earth,
    Your crops lie murdered by Your blazing sun;
    How can we think that such catastrophe
    Is payment for the evil we have done?
    If we were worse would famine be much worse?
    If we were better would the rain begin?
    Is there a crude and deadly algorithm
    Binding disaster to the weight of sin?
  2. Though sin is everywhere our selfishness
    Appears to bring scant sorrow to our door
    While those who have so little face the storm
    And finish worse off than they were before;
    What Dreadful sin can starvation commit
    That wealth avoids? This state cannot explain
    The distribution of woes here on earth
    And its relation to Your heavenly reign.
  3. Our trust In heavenly justice must not feed
    Complaisance with our justice here on earth,
    Whatever You decide within Your power
    Supports and not detracts from human worth;
    Though 'Acts of God' destroy the work of men
    Much that is wrong the works of men have wrought;
    Injustice and contempt for those You made
    And for the comradeship which Your Son taught.