General (Vol. 2)

World Harvest

  1. We pray for those who labour for our comfort,
    Both where we settle and in far off lands;
    For those who plan, adjudicate and broker,
    And those who use the strength of feet and hands:
    For fishermen and miners who take risks,
    For teams who answer an emergency,
    For night shift workers stressed while we are sleeping,
    For truckers, pilots and men out at sea.
  2. We pray for farmers working in the fields
    And near slaves in the jungle and the bush;
    Protect them from their masters and our greed,
    The risk, the extra hour, the sudden push:
    For homely ale and wine from far off places,
    For local bread and crackers from Japan; For home grown Granny Smiths and the pineapple,
    For those who watch the radar and the scan.
  3. We promise to uphold fairness and justice,
    To see that wages match each kind of work,
    To manage by encouragement not bullying,
    To pull our own weight fairly and not shirk:
    We thank You for the richness of creation,
    For the choice and buying power we enjoy;
    We pray for all who plan, direct and manage
    And for the patient people they employ.