General (Vol. 2)

Dearest Jesus

  1. Dearest Jesus brother and friend,
    May I imitate Your ways
    In the tangled thicket of life,
    Sleepless nights and harassed days:
    Just a gentle smile to teach
    Those who live outside Your reach.
  2. Dearest Jesus Tempted and jeered,
    May I moderate my greed,
    Put aside my trivial wants,
    Give to those in greater need:
    Just a gift in self denial
    To remember Satan's trial.
  3. Dearest Jesus teacher and guide,
    May I venerate Your word
    In my heart and publicly in
    Ways unseen and seen or heard:
    Just an act of witness to
    Bring my friends closer to you.
  4. Dearest Jesus saviour and priest,
    May I contemplate Your death
    Who lived for the love of my soul
    Up until Your dying breath:
    Priest still in the Upper Room,
    Saviour of the gaping Tomb.