General (Vol. 2)

Love is Supreme

  1. Of all commands love is supreme,
    No doctrine can usurp its seat,
    No judgment can reduce its power,
    No text can hasten its defeat:
    Though it is human to define
    To love God's creatures is divine.
  2. Many a sinner almost drowns,
    Careless of the uncertain tide
    And innocence of things unknown
    Should counsel penitence not pride:
    In judging those we deem to fall
    We may not hear the Master's call.
  3. Who has the right to measure love,
    To count another's less than ours,
    To keep the gate of Heaven fast
    Against God's broken labourers?
    Why, only God himself can choose
    To judge and, having judged, refuse.
  4. His Church On Earth can only stand
    If love is firmly at its core,
    Enlivened with the Spirit's Grace
    To strengthen, guide and reassure:
    Let Caesar judge those things he may,
    Our King shall have the final say.
  5. Would Jesus, killed for all our sin,
    Wish us to weigh and separate,
    To take that tiny, single step
    From righteousness to hurt and hate?
    What basis have we to reprove
    When Jesus gave Himself in love?
  6. What doctrine we have clarified
    Must open channels to God's love,
    Not filter it in jagged shards
    To condemn, threaten and remove:
    Ours not to judge but understand
    And live God's ultimate command