General (Vol. 2)

Wisdom and Love

  1. The wise are loyal friends of truth;
    In what they sense and in their books
    They see the evidence emerge
    From every quarter where they look
    But I have slowly learned to see,
    For Jesus brought the truth to me.
  2. The wise are careful when they judge;
    Balancing all the evidence,
    Weighing the harsh, opposing words
    Of prosecution and defence:
    But I have been judged with more than mercy,
    Because Jesus lived and died for me.
  3. The wise seek past the obvious;
    Probing the distant lands of thought
    To see the worth of human life
    that cannot be defaced nor bought:
    But Jesus paid an infinite price
    Of love for me in sacrifice.
  4. The wise are vigilant in all;
    Preventing hazards yet unseen,
    Refusing to be prisoners
    Of retrospective and routine:
    But when I face adversity
    Jesus will always look for me.