General (Vol. 2)

Behind the Tomb

  1. When I was small and could not bear the pain,
    My Jesus was a sage of land and lake
    Who loved all children, just as he loved me,
    And then I loved Him for His manger's sake.
  2. Then I began the rendezvous with bread
    And faintly saw the shadow of The Cross
    And vaguely apprehended in the text
    A celebration tempered with great loss.
  3. In my emerging self I then found out
    That love is complex, not a childhood frieze,
    With questions hard as metal in soft places
    Where love must hurt to prosper, not just please.
  4. So with God love is not all Halleluiahs,
    A book of praise, a certain destiny
    But it is risk, pain, searching, growth and doubting,
    Behind the tomb, the Cross of Calvary.