General (Vol. 2)

The Revolution

  1. The revolution of God's word will march throughout the land,
    Destroyer of indifference and disposer of the bland:
    Making the comfortable tense, stripping the trite and glib
    And Putting back the hardship in the wonder of the crib.
  2. Those who repent their sinful ways and turn their thoughts to heaven
    No matter what their previous deeds will be freely forgiven:
    Facing the hardship of return and owning to the past,
    Restoring damage willingly, will lead to Heaven at last.
  3. The love of God cannot be gained with tokens of support,
    With canapés of gifts and praise for what His Son has bought:
    The more we know what God requires, the more we hold and own,
    The more we must make sacrifice to witness and atone.
  4. The army of The Word employs the outcasts and the weak
    To elevate its standards for the humble and the meek;
    The rich perform their noble part as servants of the poor,
    Seeking protection for us all within God's Holy Law.
  5. And unlike human visions of Utopian delight,
    This revolution guarantees life in eternal light:
    The Father makes, the Son redeems, the Spirit never tires,
    The Blessed Trinity creates, professes and inspires.