General (Vol. 2)


  1. Eternal Son first promised in the East
    Who rose to reign over the midday sky,
    Your Word has travelled to the ultimate West,
    Meeting the East to seal Your victory:
    What ancient Prophets promised has come true
    And it is ours to strengthen and renew.
  2. There will be deeds of mighty sacrifice
    And unsung patience in a quiet place,
    The solemn tones of Choral Evensong,
    The humble prayer of penitence for Grace:
    But all in Faith though each from different strands
    Shall live the hope and love of Your commands.
  3. Whispers of faction gather in the West
    While edicts of coercion cite disgrace;
    Your name is used against those of Your name
    As if Your Father had resigned His place:
    Your Prophets, Saints and scholars disagreed
    So we must each do honour to our Creed.
  4. When sunset comes and we are gathered in
    Our love of faction will not count for good;
    Bound to account for action born of love
    We shall be reckoned by our brotherhood:
    Content with love, determined not to reign,
    We shall not seek for harmony in vain.