General (Vol. 2)

Clarity in Mystery

  1. Praise to Our God of Covenant, deliverance and peace
    Who has defended us from harm while earthly woes increase;
    Who has been watchful of our ways, our folly and dissent
    And even in return for hate has loved those who repent.
  2. The God of Covenant who set his fractious people free,
    Who led with cloud and fire through the desert and the sea;
    The God of the new Covenant of love and Eucharist
    Whose clarity in mystery is our most sacred tryst.
  3. The God of our deliverance from evil and distress,
    The single source of confidence, service and happiness;
    Whose commission to the Spirit to defend us from our foes
    Is the core of our exertion and our blanket of repose.
  4. The God of Peace most hard to find in turbulence and pain
    Dwells with the helpless victim to encourage and sustain;
    Most strong protector of our souls when earthly prospects fade,
    Who loves us even though we have defaced the world He made.
  5. Of all the gifts that God has given free will is best and worst,
    Enabling us to reflect God with images reversed;
    We are his hands, his words, his heart in human form deployed
    To do His work of wresting holy order from the void.
  6. We gather here in thanks and praise, to strengthen and renew
    Our vow to use Your gifts to offer more than hitherto;
    We are resolved to love against indifference and wrong,
    To think of You as writer, singer, audience and song.