General (Vol. 2)

God and His People

Part i.

  1. Sometimes I feel so helpless,
    Most when I see the starving on TV;
    Sometimes I just can't handle
    Distressed and tearful friends who come to me:
    I listen and sometimes counsel
    And give slightly more help than I can afford:
    But in the end
    I just commend
    Them all to My Dear Lord.
  2. Sometimes I cannot manage
    The rising expectations on my time;
    Sometimes I cannot balance
    Conflicting pressures between work and home:
    I am honest and say sorry
    and give slightly more time than I can afford;
    But in the end
    I just commend
    Myself to My Dear Lord.
  3. Often we are too wary
    To give and take, to share the things we own;
    Often we are too weary
    With the same old problems coming round again:
    But we are stewards and not owners
    And there should be nothing that we can't afford
    And in the end
    We just commend
    Ourselves to Our Dear Lord.

Part ii.

  1. Lost on the way with all ambitions broken,
    Lost by the leaders I have led before,
    Nothing to say that I have not heard spoken,
    Nothing to save us from the fatal shore:
    It is extremity that fires our love,
    Rarely with smiles do we invoke The Dove.
  2. It is the crisis that informs our loving
    Not gentle thanks for modest Graces given,
    The calm we take as right for our behaviour,
    The storm is unjust punishment from heaven:
    What God is this who watches our complaint,
    Whose love surpasses patience and restraint?
  3. We are not lost, He sees our every footstep,
    We are confused by our own crookedness;
    He walked the path in love that we must follow,
    Our lot made easier by His faithfulness:
    So, rest a while, reflect, and gather in
    Our Saviour's gifts, repent, and then begin.

Part iii.

  1. Our strength is love,
    Our fortress is forgiving,
    Our strong defence is service to Our Lord;
    We fight with faith,
    Our hope sustains our living,
    His loving-kindness is our only sword:
    When we descend to earthly violence
    Our cause is lost, for we have no defence.
  2. We have forgotten more than we remember,
    We have repeated sins from age to age;
    What we have done in reverence to our fathers
    Obscures the grandeur of our heritage:
    For we are children of the Trinity,
    Only in that can we be safe and free.