General (Vol. 2)

The Earthly Pain of Jesus

  1. His gentle address
    And steady silence in the earthly court
    Lead us to repress
    The cruel price for which our souls were bought:
    No heavenly Grace nor fortitude should mask
    The wrenching, searing horror of His task.
  2. His halo relates
    His place in Heaven after His great ordeal
    But it understates
    The agony and struggle that were real:
    For comfort in His Passion we invoke
    Divine resources, not the limbs he broke.
  3. But He was a man
    Whose friends forsook him at the bitter end
    And in His ordeal
    His friendship was denied by His best friend:
    Knowing the outline of His victory
    Softens the loneliness of His last cry.
  4. And lest we forget
    God could have made all well with one small thought
    But redeemed the debt
    That human sins with human life be bought
    Thus linking us through Jesus with His love
    Where pure autonomy might fail to move.
  5. So we must re-live
    Each moment of His passion and each tear
    And not relegate
    Pain as if Godhead made it disappear:
    Sometimes I hate the smoothness of The Cross
    Which hides the agony paid for our loss.