General (Vol. 2)

Deus Semper Maior

  1. No word can tell nor music sound
    The love of Your pure heart,
    No pleasing curve nor ease of line
    Within a work of art:
    The world still strives in love, not pride,
    To find a metaphor:
    So let us praise and not despair
    Deus Semper Maior.
  2. Untrodden snow, unblemished lamb,
    Shepherd of all the sheep,
    Each lends new understanding
    To the image that we keep:
    A landscape still untouched by man,
    Innocent, virgin, pure
    Brings us a little closer to
    Deus Semper Maior.
  3. As You have led us since 'The Fall'
    In anthropomorphic ways,
    We must invoke their patterns
    For our prayer, thanks and praise;
    And yet, You sent the Spirit
    To inspire and reassure,
    To test the limits of Your Grace
    Deus Semper Maior.