General (Vol. 2)

Forever and Sublime

  1. Time is the human construct that obscures Your love of man;
    It measures smaller than we see the passage of life's span;
    It makes us sequence causally along a single line
    When Eden and Gethsemane took place in Your own time.
  2. These simultaneous acts of love, of being all in all,
    Must be recounted in a tale beginning at 'The Fall'
    And ending with the gaping tomb, a narrative of hope
    Designed within Your Testaments to help us share and cope.
  3. Thus, we give thanks for Your True Word set down by partial men
    That we may give it life beyond the parchment and the pen;
    But, more than this, we must surpass the metaphor of time
    To see Your love in all its power, forever and sublime.