General (Vol. 2)

You and Me

  1. I see You in the addict,
    I see You in the girl who ran away;
    I see You in the damaged
    Baby laid on rags and not on hay:
    It isn't the face or form that help us see
    You, but the power within me.
  2. I see You in the magnate
    When he gives His time and money to the poor;
    I see You in the magistrate
    Who would rather love than punish with the law:
    It isn't words but actions that help us be
    You, and the child I try to be.
  3. Bring in the waifs and addicts,
    Persuade the cruel exploiters of the weak;
    Show courage in being gentle
    And live the sacrifice of which we speak:
    It isn't the outward words that help us give
    For You, but the inner word we live.