General (Vol. 2)

I give

  1. I give You my day,
    Its joy and its sorrow,
    Its work and its play
    And plans for tomorrow:
    The sudden sharp setbacks and gains unforeseen,
    The familiar comfort and soothing routine.
  2. I give You my mind,
    Its patterns and power,
    May it make me kind
    Not judging nor dour:
    Its outlook constructive, amending old rules,
    Its door always open, admitting new tools.
  3. I give You my heart,
    Though it may be weak,
    To form and impart
    The response that You seek:
    May courage be selfless in love for Your sake,
    And still brave enough to admit a mistake.
  4. I give you my soul,
    Though already Yours,
    That it may be whole
    In its love of Your cause:
    In patience and witness, in action and prayer,
    May it always live knowing that You are there.