General (Vol. 2)

Aspects of Motherhood

  1. Virgin mother, sorrow sweet
    At the lowly manger laid
    All our hope; all sin repaid,
    We lay our sorrow at Your feet.
  2. Humble mother, reverent peace
    In the arms of Simeon lay;
    May we depart, like his last day,
    In confidence of our release.
  3. Patient mother, suffering long,
    Promise of a piercing sword,
    Shadow of our saving Lord
    In the pigeon's severed song.
  4. Stoic mother, tinged with fear
    As the guards with cowards' steel
    Forced the prisoner to kneel,
    May we withstand the torturer.
  5. Weary mother, sky turned black,
    Broken body, promise kept,
    In pain He taught you to accept
    His going so He could come back.
  6. Glorious mother, full of grace;
    An earthly child and pain transformed
    Into a universe informed
    With the Grace your womb embraced.